Medical crimes as the standard of care

Stephen S. Rodrigues, MD

This tragic societal situation of using opium derivatives like candy is caused by a few sinister events in the 1960s perpetrated by our greedy medical elite predecessors. These sick seeds started our present HCS tragedy. These flawed ideas were put in motion by a couple of simple tricks of the eye:
"A pain source can be witnessed on the MRI as skeletal. A perceived pain sources can be removed by "fixing" the skeletal defects."

The Answer is NO!!That idea is categorically wrong, and everyone should know it based on the testimony of your patients. The pain that everyone experiences is within the muscular system which can only be treated with hands-on physical therapy.

I deduced this from using acupuncture needles as Master C. Chan Gunn, MD wisdom. Thus the thin filament needles is a tool of physical therapy. This means "acupuncture" the word is being used improperly and a wedge between Truth and Lies.

Our HCS disaster will not go away by itself unless WE repair the errors.

Heroin use is destroying good people, families, and communities.
Approximately, 22 Wounded Warriors commit suicide per day.

My perspective on a partial explanation for these complex problems are based on my experience as a solo-practice family doctor. I have spent years tracing our medical advancements and failures for the treatment of pain and movement disorders. My work had led me to have to go back to the 1960s when our medical community took a sharp turn from Hippocrates's teachings, honor, and integrity to build a complex pro-profit industry.

I have been on the front line treating and mending people who suffer from opioid addictions and surgeries with limited or deleterious effects. Hippocrates treatments for pain, aching, stiffness, and soreness are massage, heat, stretching, range of motion exercises and traction. He designed a traction device for the purpose of relieving those who have severe, stubborn lower back pain. Traction works perfectly to unlock super-tight muscles because you have to apply a larger steady and consistent force of effort with the assistance of a mechanic device.

Hippocrates knew with certainty that hands-on and opposing mechanical forces would eventually relieve the stubborn contracted muscles. These are perfectly matched treatment with fit into the mathematical and logical equations of cause-effect:problem-solution.

Hippocrates would rarely have if ever needed high MRI technology. He would not have to use dangerous opium derivatives like Codeine or Hydrocodone. The idea of injecting toxic steroids in and around the delicate spinal column would not compute in his scientific mind. The use a knife, saws, hammers, drills as in surgery to treat lower back pain, in Hippocrates' mind would be considered goriest, savage and barbaric.

Hippocrates would have severely admonished any other person who used such an idiotic, dangerous and deadly procedure in the place of massage!! He would have them removed from the discipline.

Medical crimes as the standard of care
Medical crimes as the standard of care

Why is it in 2016 as a family doctor I cannot order any or not enough hands-on physical therapy to treat pain in my Medicare beneficiaries?

Why are we using spinal fusions, toxic steroids injected into the spinal column, wires, place and rods to treat pain problems that are easily remedied with massage and traction?

These dishonest practices were adopted for the riches of business opportunities back in the 1960s. The medical elite and powerful had to ignore critical factual evidence of human biology to cross the line from perfect and correct treatments over into greedy, arrogant and dogmatic.

These men had absolute power and authority to do such a crime against humanity.

How did they do it?
These men had to cheat, hide and bury credible evidence into the deceptive world of statistics and incorrect terms and definitions.
These men had to remove all possibilities of an independent security system for vetting, accuracy, honor and integrity.

Look around you will not find a single independent group of laypersons who can review the basic premises and biology to make particular the critical facts are grounded in the real lives people live on Main Street.

Our presently designed healthcare system means regular folks and me a Medical Doctor have been silenced and are being used as pawns and puppets to funnel easy cash into the economy and world markets.

When a government is being utilized in a for-profit sinister scheme to capitalize on those who cannot think straight due to pain and misery, that system of government will experience a catastrophic implosion.

This situation is the tip of crimes against humanity being perpetrated and allowed, carte blanche, by an infected sinister scientific and medical community.

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