TMPI LogoTheodore Myles Publishing was incorporated in January 1993.  It was created to publish and distribute multicultural books, magazines, music and website properties.  The company's objective is to serve the black consumer by providing publishing and distribution: An Internet Web Sphere of Influence, Content Information, Web Mail, Web Blogs, and Electronic E-commerce Solutions.

TMPI has subsidiary web portals working together to create an Urban On Ramp.  This network is comprised primarily of websites that differ in content, but working in tandem towards the same purpose to service an Afro-centered consumer. 

Building The Gateway

In 1996, TMPI acquired it's first property PoliceNet for it Community Policing Portal, to work in conjunction with the Los Angeles Police Department's Community Policing program. In 1997, the Afrocentric News was secured specifically to deliver Afro centered news to radio stations and newspapers via the Internet.  The news was gathered from wholesale news sources, i.e., United Press International, compiled re-written for distribution to consumers via our online portal. Much of the news pertained to health, politics, sports, current affairs and entertainment, specifically for a targeted demographic. 

TMPI has grown to understand the complicity of the INTERNET, and as technology has evolved, the Internet continues to set record trends.  Today, African Americans are surfing the web in large numbers, our goal is to provide a service to the target audience.

TMPI wishes to establish itself as the leading online destination for the African-American consumer, and for businesses that market their products to an Afro-Centric consumers.  The African-American community equates to over 18.4 million Americans online and growing.  These individuals are known to be the largest purchasers of mobile phone devices, hair care products, music, and clothing.  For this reason, TMPI will included E-commerce Shopping Malls on all of it's sites to capture online purchases.

With an online user base of 18.4 million, there are now nearly as many African Americans online as there are teens, according to eMarketer's figures. There are more African Americans online than there are Hispanics.

The Network will expand a comprehensive news and information delivery system, with a extensive information platform. TMPI will launch an online healthcare component to include weight loss, health maintenance with a frequently asked question (FAQ) database. The Entertainment component features DVDs, online Movies, Games, and other products. TMPI has a long 20 year relation with Alliance Entertainment. Alliance Entertainment is the largest wholesale distributor of home entertainment audio and video software in the United States as well as an accomplished distribution channel for apparel, hardware and accessories. Theodore Myles will utilize it's ability to distribute products worldwide via (AEC) and Theodore Myles’ distribution agreement.


UrbanRadio 2000Established in early '04,, a subsidiary of Theodore Myles Publishing, Inc. focusing on the audio/visual streaming technologies.

The founders of the company Ted Terry has devoted more than 10 years, researching and developing the Urban Radio 2000 Network model. With 30+ years broadcasting experience combined with Internet level expertise, the Urban Radio 2000 Network is now ready to make it debut as a world-class provider of streaming audio/video content services. Our team of broadcasters and computer programmers, network administrators, system administrators and designers, is making the convergence of Internet Streaming Capability, and Video Streaming happen through the collective knowledge of both industries. Our business model is a common sense view of business – Deliver Quality Subscription Based Internet Streaming Multi-Channel Programming.

The Urban Radio Network will deliver to subscriber base business based Muzak, as a background music service played through speakers in public places. Product will be tailored around the business need.

Businesses will have the option of receiving the product via Internet or Satellite applications ~ Urban Radio 2000 Network Internet Channels ~ The Network will offer premium channels to consumers

Topic to include: Health
  • Dr Daniels (Broadcasting from Panama World Health)
  • India Holloway (Colon Health & More)
  • The Best Alternative Health Practitioners
  • Comedy 24/7
  • Music 24/7
  • Jazz 24/7
  • Gospel 24/7
  • Nekima Levy-Pounds (Unchained)
  • Derrick D. (Straight talk about the Prison Industrial Complex)
  • Woman To Woman
  • Legal Matters
  • Education (Schools, Curriculum, Politics in Schools, Teachers)


Dick Gregory Global WatchDick Gregory’s legendary career covers multiple decades of groundbreaking achievements.

His appeal transcends a multi-generational audience. Baby Boomers, Generation X, and Echo Boomers. His brand encompasses civic, social, health, & entertainment in one life span.

Dick Gregory Global Watch will bring a seriously humorous, and humorously serious dialogue to the network, plus bring some real fresh air that will catch people’s attention, and he’s entertaining as hell. We look forward to making this effort one for the ages.

The Program
  • Dick Gregory Global Watch
  • Primary Talent Dick Gregory
  • Co/Host Female  
  • Multi-Hour Talk Program 
  • Monday thru Friday (Launch date to be determined)

The Show Will Feature:
  • “A” list guests, Political Humor, Current Events from Ebola, ISIS, the Secret Service, World View, and a Dick Gregory Commentary segment.  
  • Gregory will host a daily round-table discussion with guest to discuss topics of the week.
  • Gregory will field a few calls during the hour.  We will also have a listener line whereby listeners can call a 800# and leave a show message that will used as a pulse sampling & and use as who’s listener promo’s.  Of course limits will be placed on the number of time listeners can call.
  • Sponsored “Themed” Segment featured:  (Reflections) - (In Retrospect) A look back at what Dick Gregory said over the years that ties in with present day issues.

Production Staff:
  • Senior Producer:
  • Show producer:
  • Talent: Dick Gregory
  • Co/ Talent-female:
  • Screen-er
  • Research assistant:


Prince, an American singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and actor and has been a major figure in popular music for over three decades. Prince is renowned as an innovator and is widely known for his eclectic work, flamboyant stage presence, and wide vocal range. He is widely regarded as the pioneer of Minneapolis sound.

The 'Legacy' of the Artist Known as Prince joins the Urban Radio 2000 Network with show titled Prince & Friends. Channel dedicated to Prince, his music legacy 24/7 Channel.

Things to do:
  • Built a channel specific IP address / dedicated satellite transponder.
    The program can be mobile
Production Cost:
  • studio / production
  • Board Ops
  • Screen-er 

Theodore Myles Gateway

The following are brief descriptions of some of our web portals that contribute to our Network. Note: Some of the website have template place holders and are for demonstration purposes.

PoliceNet LogoPoliceNet:  Since 1996 - Designed for a general audience.  It focuses on community awareness of policing, and all aspects of law enforcement.  This site appeals to everyone regardless of nationality because it represents a universal concern.  It will also includes a forum and biosphere for added social media purposes. PoliceNet will convene community policing video forum Nationwide, bring together law enforcement and community to create a dialogue of understanding.

 AfroCentric NewsAfrocentric News:  Since 1997 An in-depth coverage of current events accompanied with vibrant photo imagery.  Over the years, this site has featured columnist like Earl Ofari Hutchinson, Marilyn Shaw, Joe Williams, Deardra Shuler, and other guest writers to provide editorial content to the site.  This content site is structured in the same manner as national newspaper USA Today's web site, only with an Afro Centric focus.  Supporting portal:

Dick GregoryDick Gregory:  The Global Watch – Since 1998, This site which features hot topics for discussion.  In addition, it offers informative articles on health and fitness, and links to web site related to medicine and drugs, diseases, fitness, medical references, insurance, mental health, organ-tissue donation, health organizations and vision. 

Christmas Angel Network LogoThe Christmas Angel Network (CAN) – How Can We Curb The Recidivism Rate

All of us pay taxes. Whether you are a small businessman, the head of a large corporation, or a student or parent working to make a better life for yourself and your family, a substantial share of those taxes go toward funding the correctional system, where the number of inmates - many of them repeat offenders - is pushing the seams of state prisons nationwide. We need new and well designed initiatives to help keep offenders out from behind bars and provide them paths to become productive members of society. The Prison To Work Floral Design Recidivism Initiative, born from CAN CEO Theodore Myles Terry’ many years of involvement with the criminal justice system and the LA County Sheriff’s office, as well as his experience as a small businessman, is just such an initiative.


Owned By BlacksOwned By Blacks:  The site focuses on business that are owned and operated by blacks. This site will allow consumers to research, and showcase Black Owned Businesses.  Since 2000 (Under Re-development)

Urban Gospel Music logoUrban Gospel Music:  Afro-American gospel music is a comparably recent music phenomenon. Rooted in the religious songs of the late 19th century urban revival, in shape-note songs, spirituals, blues, and ragtime, gospel emerged early in the 20th century. From top to bottom in association with our Urban Gospel Net, we’ll provide interviews and overview.  Music from top names in urban gospel artist. Since 2000


Strategic Business Alliances

Alliance EntertainmentTheodore Myles Publishing, Inc. in association with Alliance Entertainment Corporation (AEC) as the fulfillment company for all entertainment products. Alliance Entertainment is the largest wholesale distributor of home entertainment audio and video software in the United States as well as an accomplished distribution channel for apparel, hardware and accessories. 

As a best in-class distribution solution, Alliance provides the highest level of service in e-Commerce fulfillment (CDF), vendor managed inventory systems, category captain analysis and processes, traditional retail distribution and 3PL functions.

TEESA Net logoTEESA Network: This relationship allows the fulfillment of music Compact Discs.  AEC also has the ability to fulfill for hundreds of thousand selected movie title DVDs, and popular video game products.

Theodore Myles Publishing is always seeking to serve the urban community by providing news, and offer products and services that are important for growth.  For this reason, the company will continue to seek out new innovative ways to serve its target market.

There will be important strategic alliances in the future with communication ad Internet based companies.  In addition, TMPI will pursue business relationships with non-profit organizations such as, churches, alumni associations, fraternities, and other similar organizations for brand building and membership acquisitions.  These alliances with non-profit organizations, as well as, local and national corporations will enhance the content, products, services, and sponsorship's for all web portals.

NEGRO Mail (private / personal E-mail)

Negro MailNEGRO Mail  - In 2005 the idea of a free email service called.

NEGRO Mail is truly innovative and competitive in the advanced communication world, and it is vital in establishing a link for "us" to become "we" as we connect, interact, and support "us" in our quest to build friendships, trust, and commitments to each other that enables a "we ism" that brings us to come full circle in our African American heritage.  The service will be launched when proper funding is secured.


WelcomeThe goal of Theodore Myles Publishing, Inc. is to be recognized as the Internet Connection to the Black community.  This means that anyone in the world who seeks to understand the urban consumer, sell to the Black consumer, or buy from the Black consumer will consider first to through our Network before going anywhere else.
Since the companies beginnings, the expenses incurred is financed by the founder, Mr. Theodore Terry.  However, in order to complete the process additional financing is necessary.

TMPI needs to upgrade its network infrastructure.  Due to the fact, that the Internet is highly technical, it requires equipment that can provide faster, and more robust and reliable communication.  It is also necessary to have multiple locations, provide redundancy to the network and the ability to handle the anticipated increased use of services.

It is a goal of the company to open a Cyber Center offices in Black communities.  Los Angeles will be the hub center.  It is the desire of TMPI to offer employment to students in technology.  The Cyber Centers is intended to provide all TMPI employees with a place to conduct daily business.  The Center will be ten thousand square feet and will contain multiple workstation, computers and multi-media stations that provide Internet access through the online network.  The Cyber Center will also be used to provide technology focused business services such as, database research, urban research, and telecommunication products and services.

The company has a goal to put on annual Black Internet Summit: This event comprised of exhibit booths, and featured speakers.  Exhibitors can showcase new hardware and software solutions and introduce new products.  Featured speakers will be some of the top business people in the technology and Internet industries.  Topics will include the latest information on Internet/Intranet, Managing Technology, Networking, and E-Business.  The target audience for the summit will be any business owner or representative who desires to improve their sales online.  This will be an innovative conference to showcase new ways to grow company profits via the Internet.

A second summit will feature PoliceNet Network.  This conference will focus its attention on the policing entities throughout the United States.  PoliceNet will show new ways it can be used to assist in lowering the crime rate.  This is summit will promote additional methods the police department, sheriffs, state police and independent entities can work together in more unified efforts to eliminate crime in this society.  This conference will also focus on Internet technology, offer exhibit booths, and featured speakers during its two-day event schedule.

Marketing Strategy

In order to adequately promote all of the products and services that TMPI has to offer a detailed marketing strategy must be planned.  This strategy includes establishing a Brand that can be associated with the vision TMPI has for the company.  Secondly, bombarding the target market with eye and ear catching marketing messages and effective advertising.  Each of these items will be discussed in this section.

Establishing a Brand

Theodore Myles Publishing, Inc. will distinguish itself as the Internet fulfillment company for the urban community.  The company will positioned all of its web properties to draw interest and meet the personal and professional needs of its target market.  TMPI has multiple portals that are all interconnected to anyone who enters any of the sites.  Not only are all of these sites important to meet the needs of the customers, but also the advertisers.  The urban community represents billions of dollars in buying power.  Therefore, as the main e-commerce destination for the urban buyer, advertisers will discover a prime vehicle for displaying and promoting their products.

TMPI will position itself as the premier Internet property for advertisement to attract individuals or businesses in the urban community.  The company will accomplish this by offering advertising packages to corporations that seek to sell products and services to the African American communities.  These packages will feature choices of sponsorship's, and banner ads on the various web sites.


The company will utilize several advertising methods to promote all products and web portals.  These methods will include advertising on selected local and national urban terrestrial radio, internet, and satellite radio.  Today social media is a large medium and will be targeted.   The company will also use print forms of advertising in popular newspapers and magazines.  TMPI will participate in national internet trade shows and conferences by purchasing advertising booth space.  Lastly, the company will use marketing materials such as, brochures, post cards, and presentation packages as direct mail to potential customers.

Advertising Messages

It is the goal of TMPI to co-market its services by creating strategic alliances.  These strong alliances along with celebrity endorsements will aid in TMPI's efforts to create a strong presence in America's African American residents.  Many members of the Black community are still fairly new to the Internet, and therefore leery of the e-commerce world.  For this reason, the company needs a strong marketing campaign that stresses the atmosphere of security, and dedication.  These elements will cause the Black consumer to recognize TMPI as a company they can trust which fosters customer loyalty.

Sales and marketing

We intend to establish a direct sales organization consisting of national, regional and local sales representatives. Our sales organization will provide input on design and placement of our Internet-based advertising and the content on local web sites. The sales representatives' objective will be to provide a high level of customer service and satisfaction to business customers. We also intend to have our sales representatives focus on selling sponsorship packages and banner advertising programs.

We intend to utilize a number of methods to promote the Networks brand name including outdoor advertising, advertising on other Internet sites, targeted publications, radio stations, cable television and cross promotional arrangements to secure advertising and other promotional considerations. We will distributed promotional material at select targeted events such as Black Expo, concerts and other community events. To further promote the Networks brand name, we intend to enter into strategic alliances with consumer products and technology companies.

Akamai's EdgeSuite(SM) service enables Theodore Myles Publishing's
Afrocentric News Network to deliver dynamic and specialized content with unparalleled reliability and performance

We intend to develop relationships with Black non-profit groups and with other urban consumer membership based groups, such as churches, alumni organizations, fraternities and similar organizations, for brand building and membership acquisitions. We plan to meet with urban non-profit organizations and other urban consumer membership based groups to identify sponsorship and grass roots marketing opportunities. We also intend to sponsor events, concerts and other community activities to promote TMPI brand name.

Distribution - Internet service provider: We will enter into an agreement with Internet service provider, to provide national Internet access to our users. Pursuant to an agreement, we anticipate percentage of the monthly fee paid by each subscriber. We intend to promote Internet service access by distributing Networks co-branded software via direct mail, magazine insertions, at concerts, seminars and events as well as through our web portals and kiosk locations.

Web site management and development

We presently develop, manage and maintain our network of web sites. Our web site management and development is supervised by the Director of Technology and Internet Services and is assisted by subcontractors.


Technology is a critical part of our business and affects our business in a variety of ways. We intend to upgrade and modify our network hardware systems and software in order to provide faster, more robust and more reliable communications, entertainment and Internet services to our customers. We intend to have servers in multiple locations in order to provide back up of our computer systems, quicker access to our online network and the ability to handle the anticipated increased use of our online network.


The market for Internet products and services is highly competitive and competition is expected to continue to increase significantly. There are no substantial barriers to entry in these markets, and we expect that competition will continue to intensify. As we expand the scope of our Internet services, we will compete directly with a greater number of Internet sites and other media companies. A large number of web sites and online services also offer electronic commerce products, informational and community features. There can be no assurance that we will be able to compete successfully or that the competitive pressures faced by us will not have a material adverse effect on our business.

Many of our existing competitors, as well as a number of potential new competitors, has significantly greater financial, technical, marketing and distribution resources. In addition, other web sites and online networks may be acquired by, receive investments from, or enter into other commercial relationships with larger, well-established and well-financed companies. Greater competition resulting from these types of strategy relationships could have a material adverse effect on our business, operating results and financial condition.

Trademarks and proprietary rights we regard our copyrights, trademarks, trade names, trade dress, trade secrets, and similar intellectual property as critical to our success, and we intend to rely on trademark and copyright law, trade secret protection and confidentiality and/or license agreements with our employees, customers, independent contractors, partners and others to protect our proprietary rights. We are pursuing the registration of our trademarks and service marks in the United States, and have applied for and obtained registration in the United States for the brand name. We are in the process of filing for additional protection. Effective trademark, service mark, copyright and trade secret protection may not be available in every country in which our products and services are made available online.

Business Office

We are in the process of locating additional space for our expanded operations. However, no definitive agreements have been executed.

Management Team

The management team consists of experts in various fields.  All have worked in their respective fields. Each understand the intricacies and demands required to make a corporation successful.  The following is management team of Theodore Myles Publishing, Inc.

Chief Executive Officer 

Will pilot the vision of the company and oversee all long-term goals.  Their responsibility is to make sure the corporation stays on track to meet target revenue and objectives.  Each member of the management team will report directly to, and detail reports of goals met and any shortcomings.

Chief Financial Officer

Manages all financial aspects of the corporation.  These duties include plotting financial forecast, and producing financial projections reports.  His or Her responsibilities will also include all general accounting functions such as, general ledger, accounts receivables, and accounts payable.

Chief Operating Officer

Manage all responsibilities related to the smooth operation of the corporation.  Primary responsibilities will include employment development of personnel, acquisition of necessary equipment, logistics, and public relations liaison.

Chief System Analyst / Contract Technical Team

Maintain all technical aspects of developing and maintaining the network systems.


Stay Connected

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