Ted Myles TerryTed Terry is a veteran broadcaster, whose enlightened opinions, quick wit, and mellifluous voice have been a staple for more than 40 years. Terry has worked in radio stations on both the East and West Coast, lending his talents to stations such as: WBLS (New York), KJLH (Los Angeles), KYAC (Seattle) and both KVOO and KRAV (Tulsa).  Terry also served as a News Producer at KJRH Scripts Howard Broadcasting.

Throughout his career, Terry has interviewed world-renowned celebrities and dignitaries, both in music and on talk radio broadcast format.

In addition, Terry applies his considerable gifts to yet another industry as CEO/President of Theodore Myles Publishing, Inc. a company specializing in Internet publishing and multicultural books, agency management. He is also the author of the "American Black History Reference Manual".

Projects In The Pipeline

Dick Gregory 21st century "state of the Union.

Dick Gregory 21st Century State Of The Union

 His latest CD, Dick Gregory's 21st Century State of the Union, shows no sign that he's mellowing with age, and includes an eloquent indictment of police assaults on the black community.  3 compact discs!

In the custody of certain officers, Gregory argues, "a black man is no safer than a Jew in Nazi Germany. When are you Negroes gonna learn to say: 'After you kill us, please don't have no investigation that takes six months and comes back with a verdict of justified homicide. This is a system that reduces you to a bunch of whimpering punks.
Death is better.'"  This is a collector's item.


Turn Me Loose

LOS ANGELES, (June, 2016) – Theodore “Ted Myles" Terry, a Hollywood celebrity manager and legendary radio disc jockey, is celebrating the success of his brainchild, Turn Me Loose, a one-man biographical adaptation of the life and times of Dick Gregory, the critically acclaimed master comedian, social/civil rights activist.

AfroCentric NewsAfrocentric News:  An in-depth coverage of current events accompanied with vibrant photo imagery.  Over the years, this site has featured columnist like Earl Ofari Hutchinson, Marilyn Shaw, Joe Williams, Deardra Shuler, and other guest writers to provide editorial content to the site.  This content site is structured in the same manner as national newspaper USA Today's web site, only with an afro Centric focus.  Since 1997


 Dick Gregory Global WatchDick Gregory:  This site which features hot topics for discussion.  In addition, it offers informative articles on health and fitness, and links to web site related to medicine and drugs, diseases, fitness, medical references, insurance, mental health, organ-tissue donation, health organizations and vision. The Global Watch –Since 1998


Launching The Christmas Angel Network (CAN) – How Can We Curb The Recidivism Rate

Christmas Angel NetworkThe Prison To Work Floral Design Recidivism Initiative, born from CAN CEO Theodore Myles Terry’ many years of involvement with the criminal justice system and the LA County Sheriff’s office, as well as his experience as a small businessman, is just such an initiative.

From prison to society:

This is a big step for an ex-offender who is just released from a correctional institution.  Daily individuals are faced with a number task placed up them upon release. Half House, adjusting to the probation system, the family, and how to adjust to a different environment from which they knew prior to being incarcerated.  The culture shock of going from regimented prison life to the freedom and anarchy of life on the outside.
Ex-offenders, must learn the importance of assuming responsibility for their future, and turning away from antisocial behavior that leads to crime, and back to prison.

 Urban Radio 2000Urbanradio2000.com, a subsidiary of Theodore Myles Publishing, Inc. focusing on the audio/visual streaming technologies.

The founders of the company Ted Terry devoted more than 10 years, researching and developing the Urban Radio 2000 Network model. With 30+ years broadcasting experience combined with Internet level expertise, the Urban Radio 2000 Network is now ready to make it debut as a world-class provider of streaming audio/video content services.

 Theodore Myles Video PlatformTheodore Myles Video Platform Infrastructure provides an easy and affordable service to stream your HD Live and On-Demand Videos, Upload, Encode, Host, Embed, Stream & sell your videos from your website. All service plans are sold on a month-to-month basis, No Long Term Contracts, No Hidden Charges, and No Cancellation Fees. Novice to Professional - sign-up today.

Urban News Daily In 2000, UrbanNewsDaily.com was created to join the ranks of information portals.  Still under development, Urban News Daily plays a supporting role with Afrocentric News, and other prime website in the content delivery services.

 PoliceNetPoliceNet focuses on community awareness and policing on all aspects of law enforcement.  This site appeals to everyone regardless of nationality because it represents a universal concern.  It will also includes a forum and biosphere for added social media purposes. PoliceNet will convene community policing forum national wide, bring together law enforcement and community.

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